Choose Your Rope


Buy rainbow hemp for rope bondage.

Rainbow Hemp

$1.30 ft.

Hemp: Hemp bondage rope is soft, strong, and supple. Its earthy smell further enhances the sensuality of this rope, resulting in a perfect rope for the ideal rope bondage experience.


Buy rainbow jute for rope bondage.

Rainbow Jute

$1.30 ft.

Jute: Jute bondage rope is the preferred bondage rope of the Japanese Nawashi, the originators of rope bondage. Its lightness and glossy look make it favorite among bondage photographers and Shibari performance artists.


Buy rainbow nylon for rope bondage.

Rainbow Nylon

$1.00 ft.

Nylon: Nylon bondage rope is extremely strong, cool, and dazzlingly bright. The price makes it a perfect gateway rope for curious beginners.