Purple Hemp Bondage Rope - $1 per foot

purple hemp rope for rope bondage
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Add Custom Rope - $1 ft./$3.28 m.

About the rope:

Hemp: Hemp bondage rope is soft, strong, and supple. Its earthy smell further enhances the sensuality of this rope, resulting in a perfect rope for the ideal rope bondage experience.

We use only the best, highest quality Romanian hemp. Each rope is washed, treated, and conditioned by hand, with loving care and attention to detail, ensuring the best Shibari experience for you and your partner.

About the color:

Purple: The color purple has a long and rich tradition. It has come to be known as the color of royalty in both Western and Japanese cultures alike. Because of this, purple ropes speak of luxury. In the hands of the Shibari rigger they are a symbol of utmost dominance. On the rope bondage model they represent empowerment through Kinbaku bondage.

Purple has also come to be used by the LGBT community. It stands as a symbol of support for young people who are bullied because of their sexual orientation.