Amethyst Hemp Bondage Rope - $1 per foot

amethyst hemp rope for rope bondage
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Add Custom Rope - $1 ft./$3.28 m.

About the rope:

Hemp: Hemp bondage rope is soft, strong, and supple. Its earthy smell further enhances the sensuality of this rope, resulting in a perfect rope for the ideal rope bondage experience.

We use only the best, highest quality Romanian hemp. Each rope is washed, treated, and conditioned by hand, with loving care and attention to detail, ensuring the best Shibari experience for you and your partner.

About the color:

Amethyst: Traditionally, amethyst stones have been thought to have healing properties and the powers to concentrate the body's natural energies. Often worn and employed by doctors and thought to have powers to cure drunkenness, amethysts were valued for their power to strengthen the body.

Amethyst bondage ropes adopt the energy densifying properties of the stone, but add to it an intense passion and sexuality. A mix of pink and scarlet, Shibari done with these ropes makes one think of late night boudoirs and erotic embraces. The richness of the hue brings to mind luxury and composure.