Scarlet Hemp Bondage Rope - $1 per foot

scarlet hemp rope for rope bondage
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Add Custom Rope - $1 ft./$3.28 m.

About the rope:

Hemp: Hemp bondage rope is soft, strong, and supple. Its earthy smell further enhances the sensuality of this rope, resulting in a perfect rope for the ideal rope bondage experience.

We use only the best, highest quality Romanian hemp. Each rope is washed, treated, and conditioned by hand, with loving care and attention to detail, ensuring the best Shibari experience for you and your partner.

About the color:

Scarlet: Scarlet bondage ropes symbolize the passion and arousal of the bound model. Simultaneously, they speak of the strength of the rigger, since red is the color of Mars, the god of war. In this way, red ropes portray a duality of the masculine and feminine, sex and violence, discord and love. Visually stunning, red Shibari ropes have become very popular in rope bondage photography and performance. Today, they are used second only to natural colored bondage ropes.