Black Nylon Bondage Rope - $0.75 per foot

black nylon rope for rope bondage
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Add Custom Rope - $0.75 ft./$2.46 m.

About the rope:

Nylon: Nylon bondage rope is extremely strong, cool, and dazzlingly bright. The price makes it a perfect gateway rope for curious beginners.

About the color:

Black: Black is the color of authority and power. It is a malevolent color, often prefered by villains such as Dracula. It was adopted by the dominants of the old guard BDSM, where it came to represent interest and proficiency in sadomasochistic play (S/m), especially whipping.

In the rope arts, black bondage ropes are often used to make lines appear invisible as black ropes disappear well before dark backgrounds. Black bondage ropes can also make the bound person appear thinner and more fit. In the hands of the Shibari rigger, black bondage ropes become a symbol of merciless authority. Upon the bound model, black Shibari ropes portray distress in the cruelest of predicaments.